Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Preliminary Assignment

Things are happening fast now - and I'm glad I got a jump on my travels...

In a very unusual development, I've received some idea of where I'll be doing my work over the next week in Albania - and it looks very interesting...

After staying at the Hotel Iliria for my briefing and training while in the capital city of Tirana, I'll be moving on to participate as an election observer in the city of Shkodra.

It has a very colorful history as one of Albania's oldest cities, an important economic and cultural center with around 81,000 inhabitants. It lies on the southern part of the plain of Mbishkodra, next to the Shkodra Lake (Liqeni i Shkodr's), between the rivers Drin and Bun', the mountain of Tarabosh, and the Rozafa Castle.

For a quick overview, visit http://www.albanian.com/main/countries/albania/shkodra/index.html or http://www.geocities.com/albaland/shkodra/ or google "Shkodra."

OSCE volunteers usually have no idea of where they will be staying or with whom they will be working until they arrive - so all of this could change by the time I arrive in Albania.

I'm due to arrive in Tirana at 12:40 on Wednesday afternoon - and after settling in and meeting my cohorts I'll fill you in.


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