Thursday, June 10, 2010

Super Steve makes "Sassy Sauce"

There's nothing better after a day of sampling the great food and wine of Tuscany's towns than returning to our villa for a great home-cooked meal - accompanied, of course, by some of the very fine wines that we've picked up along the way.

I've enjoyed playing in the kitchen ever since my childhood, when I spend endless hours with my MiMi (grandmother) in New Orleans. I've grown my repertoire considerably since then, and have developed a few specialties along the way - one of which is "sassy sauce."

I'm not about to give away all of the secrets - let;s just say that, in all due humility, everyone who's ever had it has agreed that it's worthy of something called "sassy sauce" made by someone called "Super Steve."

Cooking with wine!

Sassy Sauce simmering on the stove

Tossing in the pasta

I'm sorry there aren't photos of everyone enjoying the meal - we we're all so busy enjoying it that no one took pictures :-)

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