Tuesday, September 15, 2009

200 Pesos

I've mentioned how well Lisa and I are enjoying the great food that Argentina has to offer (last night I had grilled pork in a blueberry and malbec reduction... and yes, I'm still kicking myself for not bringing the camera :-) but there's another great facet to our dining experiences that I haven't mentioned.

Yesterday, after arriving in Mendoza and walking for several hours around the town to get oriented, we stopped for our late-night meal at a very cute little place around the corner from our B&B. We ordered - the aforementioned pork, along with gnocchi for Lisa and a bottle of wine to share.

When the bill arrived, the tab was comparable to every fine meal we've had here - about $200 ARG.

With an exchange rate at better than 3 to 1, we're getting an entire meal here for price of just a single bottle of good wine at a restaurant in Seattle.

And, did I mention how good the food was?

The meat is real meat - very flavorful, grass-fed stuff that seems to be non-existant back home.

So there you have it - from a former picky eater turned aspiring gourmand!

Today - touring some of Argentina's finest wineries!

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