Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And now - Some More Tango!

Lisa and I took some tango lessons while staying in the San Telmo neighborhood of BA - here's some video of us putting on a little show for the Sunday crowds in Boca!


Panayiotis said...


What's the story behind the costumes and the long movements?

I'm genuinely interested to know what you're doing :)

Pete | The Tango Notebook

Steve Breaux said...

I was being facetious when I said that was myself and Lisa wearing those costumes...

However, the various tango shows in BA include different styles reflecting the evolution of the dance - from its origin among the European immigrants in the late 1800s right up until modern times.

The two guys are basically dueling one another to demonstrate their talents, while the dances with male-female partners have movements that are somewhat drawn out to enhance the drama for the audience - these images were of performers at a street-side cafe in the Boca neighborhood, sort of a "lunch theater."

Steve Breaux said...

I just realized that I did not post the video of the two guys dueling - I need to edit it down, because I'd left the video recording as was moving around and most of the video was of my feet... maybe I'll throw that up as a new post later.