Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Day in BA

It didn't take Lisa and I long to settle into a daily routine here in Buenos Aires.

Wake up and get out of bed around 11 a.m.

That's right - we're on vacation!

Besides, with the four hour time difference it's really 7 a.m. so we're still getting up earlier than most of our friends back home do on the weekend.

Shower, dress, and head down the street to a local cafe just after noon for a light snack while Lisa does some writing on my laptop (she's a member of a writers' group back home) and I read.

By early afternoon we drop the laptop back at the hotel and head out to explore a nearby barrio - for the past couple of days we've walked about 3 miles each way from our place in Retrio up towards Palermo for shopping and an afternoon meal at a local cafe. It's a trek for most people, but we'd be doing the equivalent workout either biking or hiking back home.

Back to the room in late afternoon/early evening - time for a nap before heading out to dinner. We head to a different local place for dinner each night - arriving at around 10 p.m., which is early in BA.

We'll me changing things up a bit tomorrow, when we fly to Mendoza for a few days in wine-country.

More later!

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