Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Meet Lisa Wessling

Lisa and I started dating late last year, and she's pretty amazing!

We hit it off right from the bat - she's very intelligent, politically progressive, and enjoys plenty of the same outdoor activities that I do. She's awesome on the trail, whether we're snoeshoeing or hiking or biking.

She's an account manager at Pop! where she does an impressive job of bringing clients together with some great web design talent. She's a hard worker, but definitely knows how to have fun!

We've enjoyed hanging out together every weekend since December, and have been flirting with the idea of going away for quite a while. I'd been hoping to get an assignment as an election observer with OSCE this summer, after which Lisa and I could meet in Europe - but what that didn't pan out, Lisa came up with the brilliant idea of going somewhere neither of us had been.

And - somewhere along the way - we decided on Argentina!

We're just about to head out the door for the airport - more later!

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