Friday, July 08, 2005

"Those seats were so good - you probably scared the band!"

Rastatt, Germany

Okay, sportsfans - no more politics, no more high-minded enlightened
discussion of philosophy in a late-night European cafe...

It's time for Le Tour de France!

First - to all of the guys and gals of Old Town Bicycle - eat your
hearts out! I'm writing this from an internet-cafe less than 200m from
the Sprint-B line of today's Stage 7 from Luneville to Karlsruhe. I
was pressed right against the barrier on the left side of the road,
right after the sprint line as the road curved to the right - the
optimal spot from which to see the action...

I won't offer race details, since you might be reading this before
watching the video you're taping on OLN...

But "The TdF Experience" is something that should be done at least once.

Think "Mardi Gras on bicycles" - the crowds growing as the time draws
near, the caravan of team and sponsor vehicles tossing swag as they
roll through the barricaded streets...

A truely carnival experience - complete with Jumbotron screen mounted
on the facade of an old church in the middle of town, with a beergarden
set up in the middle of the street.

And yes, I'm wearing my OTB team jersey while grabbing some of that
genuime TdF swag for my teamies. I've already snagged a red-polka-dot
beanie - Erik, Tom and Dr. Jeff can race up Dana to see who gets it...

Tomorrow Stage 8 of Le Tour rolls through the edge of Baden Baden -
where I'm so busy chasing Le Tour that I haven't actually gotten a
chance to 'bad' myself - after which I'm off to Mulhouse to be in a
position to see the finish of Stage 9.

More Later,


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