Friday, July 15, 2005

Where in the World is Steve Breaux?

Hello All...
Following the Tour de France is an amazing, fantastic experience...
But it's also quite tiring - especially when you're going solo and handling all of the logistics yourself, much of it on-the-fly.  It's an on-the-go, all-the-time, if-this-isTuesday-those-must-be-the-Alps kind of experience.
So, I've decided to throw caution to the wind and abandon my already loose itinerary for a while.  Several people I've met along the way have extended very generous invitations to hook up with them on their European vacations, and I've decided to take them up on their offers.
So, where am I?
I'm in a very historic place, even by European standards. 
So historic, in fact, it has three different names...
Anyone venture to take a guess?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen:

I have no idea where you are, but the Alsace-Lorraine region came to mind, since there could be different names (French, German, Latin)?

We miss you back at home in the 26th district. Are you coming back?

Fred Chang